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03/16/2017 Update

03/16/2017 Update: The developers have converted ACEmu from a clustered framework to a single server framework. This simplifies deployment and future development. Now, the server only listens for connections on one port, not two. They’ve fixed a core network fragment issue. This … Continue reading

03/05/2017 Update

03/05/2017 Update: Sorry it has been a while but rest assured the devs are hard at work.  They have fixed some minor bugs that have popped up, working on a couple other details and have been working on the physics. … Continue reading

02/25/2017 Update

02/25/2017 Update: Small update but an update none the less.  The developers have fixed up the chat channels so now thing like /cg and /trade work.  They have also been working on back end items and addressing an XP bug. … Continue reading

02/22/2017 Update

02/22/2017 Update: Made a video on how to setup an ACEmu server from scratch. Disclaimer: This is how I did things. There are other ways I’m sure and this is not the end all be all guide. How to install … Continue reading

02/19/2017 Update

02/19/2017 Update: Latest build has given us the ability to chat and use the @tell system.  They are still working on global/trade/LFG but it’s a start.  We can also add friends now!  Huge thanks goes out to the developers!

02/14/2017 Update

02/14/2017 Update: We can now raise our stats and skills!  There are other things in the works as well.  PhatAC has the ability to use Decal and I know they are working on that with ACEmu too.  I realize it … Continue reading

02/12/2017 Update

02/12/2017 Update: I have created a section for AC2 data log from data mining effort to be uploaded.  Visit here if you have AC2 data logs.

02/11/2017 Update

02/11/2017 Update: Thanks goes out to Pea (PhatAC developer/creator) for helping me compile a list of names of people that data mined Dereth!  Let me tell you it is a huge list.  So large in fact I can’t list them … Continue reading

02/10/2017 Update

02/10/2017 Update: Looks like we now have the ability to raise skills and stats.  I also have been seeing mention of spells being found and added to the characters spell book.  Not to the spell bar yet as there isn’t … Continue reading

02/07/2017 Update

02/07/2017 Update: Decided that I would compile the latest version of ACEmu and show you all what’s new!  The awesome devs have now been able to link the character’s stats to the database.  Now when you create your character it … Continue reading