02/04/2017 Update

02/04/2017 Update:
I am happy to report things are progressing!  They are currently working on character creation and communication with the database.  Changes are being made to how passwords are being stored for more security.  I have loaded the latest version of the ACEMU and by default you get logged into the Training Academy Room.  They are also working on how the character data is stored so you should be able to see the character you made instead of a default looking one.

02/02/2017 Update

02/02/2017 Update:
So far people are still randomly uploading their Data Mining packets. I know the developers are already going through that information but there is tons to go through. Just the compressed packets uploaded to https://aka-steve.com/uploads/ is now at 6.46 Gigabytes! Uncompressed is going to be far larger. Now let’s have a huge round of applause for ALL of the data miners out there!

01/31/2017 Update

01/31/2017 Update:
On ACEMU’s Github Issues page they are working out details for:
Rework packet pipe Enhancement
Client Launcher needed Feature
Character movement needs proper implementing Feature
Characters aren’t saved or loaded properly yet from the DB Feature
ACE Chat System Feature
ACE World DB Design Feature
ACE loading dat files Feature

What this means is they are working on database management, database contents, making sure the character movement works correctly, as well as the chat system.

I Want Updates

Looking for updates on the ACEMU stuff? Well you have come to the right place! You can find out information directly here and here. But if those places are too technical we understand. I will do my best to update this page with information that everyone can understand.