Play on aka-PhatAC Server

Want to play on an aka-Steve PhatAC server?  Great!  Listed below is the servers configuration for game play.

To logon to the aka-PhatAC server simply add
to your Thwarglauncher.

Remember usernames and passwords cannot contain special characters or spaces.

Server started – 8/20/2017 2:24 PM CST
Server Build –

Report an issue here.

Buff Bot/Portal Bot (Found in Holtburg) – Yes
Town Crier buffs – On
Kill XP – 3x
Quest Reward XP – 3x
Drop Rate – 3x
Quest Timers – Off (For now)

Permanent Death – Off
Player vs. Player – No

To connect to aka-PhatAC make sure you have visited the Downloads section first.  You will need to have AC installed and at minimum the acclient.exe, client_portal.dat and client_cell.dat updated.  Using the Thwargle Launcher is also highly recommended.

Visit the F.A.Q. section for commonly asked questions.