So you want to enjoy logging into AC one more time. Here is how to do just that.

Step one: (download and install)


Step two: (download and overwrite) Latest client with 100% DAT files (Link removed)

Extract the .zip file into your Asheron’s Call installation folder, it will prompt you to overwrite the existing files, click yes and continue. Verify your client version is updated by right clicking the acclient.exe, click properties, and look at the “Details” tab. Your “product version” should be


Step three: (install a launcher)

Download Thwargle’s Launcher


Step four: Using one of the launchers be sure to pick a username and password, place them in the launcher and log in for the first time.  (DO NOT use any special characters or spaces in your username or password)


Want to install Decal as well?

Decal step one: (Make sure you have the latest client and DAT files.)

Stuff of interest: