Play AC

So you want to enjoy logging into AC one more time. Here is how to do just that.

Need to install AC again?  Start here:

Step one: (download and install)

Step two: (download and overwrite) Latest client with 100% DAT files!BXhAnBAK!TQPzqPZ1lg29TDJfHLsMKunwe9dCihVZMUx5JRQ4AgY

Step three: (install a launcher)

Download Thwargle’s Launcher (Supports both ACEmu and PhatAC)

Download cmoski’s PhatAC Launcher (Supports PhatAC)

Want to install Decal as well?

Decal step one: (Make sure you have the latest client and DAT files.)

Stuff of interest:

You can login and check out my ACEmu server.  Be sure to register here first.