I Want Updates

Looking for updates on the ACEMU stuff? Well you have come to the right place! You can find out information directly here and here. But if those places are too technical we understand. I will do my best to update this page with information that everyone can understand.

02/29/2020 Update

Been a long time since I updated things but the emulators are coming along very nicely. Currently the content is around October 2005. Lifestoned is rebuilding content in patch order or at least as best as they can. If you want to help out please visit their website and Discord Channel.

04/29/2017 Update

04/29/2017 Update:

Was told that I missed some stuff from my last update. When I found out what I had missed I felt it would be cool to show everyone.

04/26/2017 Update

04/26/2017 Update:

I am so happy to announce a rather large update to the ACEmu project. There are now lifestones, portals, signs, NPC’s, chests, and other misc static items. All over Dereth! Keep in mind the only things that work are lifestones and portals for now. But this is a huge step forward. The developers have really done a great job!

04/23/2017 Update – Part 2

04/23/2017 Update Part 2:

Looks like I forgot a couple things. ACEmu has access to housing and we are done running around naked. I will admit naked was fun but I guess clothes are better.

04/23/2017 Update

04/23/2017 Update:

 Not a huge update but progress none the less. I have been busy helping with adding in working portals.

04/12/2017 Update

04/12/2017 Update:

Since the start of ACEmu no matter what character look you chose you ended up with a default Sho looking toon. Well not anymore. Now your character looks exactly like what you designed, minus clothing for now. The developers are just knocking this stuff out. All praise goes to them as I am just reporting the latest cool stuff.

04/06/2017 Update

04/06/2017 Update:

Thwargle has released a couple videos explaining how to use his Thwargle Launcher.


04/04/2017 Update

04/04/2017 Update:

The developers have been very hard at work and I am pleased to tell you we have some new items.  We now have portals, training wand, chests and the ability to activate fireballs/frost balls, acid balls, you get the idea.  Keep in mind the portals don’t work yet but things are moving along.  I also hear rumors of working doors are in the works.

03/25/2017 Update

03/25/2017 Update:

I am very excited to bring you Lifestones!  Thanks to the data miners and the incredible works of the developers we now have almost all of the lifestones!  These were not manually entered either.  They were populated via the PCAP’s and Mag-nus plugins log files.  That means everyone who helped with data mining made this possible.  Huge props to all involved!

03/16/2017 Update

03/16/2016 Update:

Two updates in one day!

fantom (one of the ACEmu devs) has been hard at work getting this working and isn’t it a wonderful sight to see!  All the developers are putting in such great work and it is amazing to watch it all unfold.